Our history starts back in 1960 with Andres Calderon Sr. when he came to San Diego, CA from Yucatan, Mexico. Andres Calderon came to San Diego with ambitions and goals to build a better life for his family.

He started off as a dishwasher for Oscar’s Drive Inn. One day, the manager requested someone to wash windows. Although Andres was hesitant, but he went for it. Unexpectedly, he pulled up to a residential home with almost 300 large windows. This is when Andres gains his fundamental lesson to never get overwhelmed, he completed the cleaning of the 300 large windows. The owner of Oscar’s Drive Inn, Mr. Robert Peterson, came in the next day to find out who was the person who washed all of his windows at his residence. He gave Andres $30. Mr. Peterson was a mentor for Andres and they formed a lifelong friendship.

Robert O PetersonRobert O. Peterson

Mr. Peterson later became founder of Jack in the Box. He also went on to purchase what was formally known as First National Trust and Savings Bank, now known as Union Bank. Andres was able to start Calderon Building Maintenance which started off primarily focusing on janitorial. He built relationships with clients with the bank as they were the primary janitorial company. Some of these clients later moved on to Peninsula Bank, what is currently now known as US Bank, in which Calderon Building Maintenance also serviced their branches.